Cygnus Classic Charters

Photo by Ian Coristine

Experience Singer Castle Aboard Cygnus II" Combine the best of both worlds and cruise to an unforgettable picnic and private tour of spectacular Singer Castle aboard Cygnus II. Or, choose Cygnus as your waterborne limousine to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of spending a night in the castle! To learn more about the River's "other" castle, visit:

Welcome aboard Cygnus II, a stunning, beautifully restored 56-foot custom built 1930 motor yacht. Relax. Slip back to a more leisurely time and experience the mystique of truly classic yachting. Enjoy the gracious hospitality of that wonderful bygone era. And just have fun. When you board Cygnus II, she becomes your private yacht. The charter may only last for a couple of hours, but your memories will last forever. Cygnus caters to you, not a group of strangers. Aboard Cygnus II, you can have a wonderful sunset cruise, but you won’t ever get a canned spiel that interrupts your enjoyment of the yacht and the water. Friendly, supervised well-behaved pets and children are welcome aboard at our discretion. Since all our cruises are private, we even allow smoking on our spacious aft deck as long as other guests don’t object. Classic 1000 island and Beaufort, SC, yacht charters.


Your hosts Capt. Mike Wright and First Mate Jody Reynolds
(315) 415-2826